Commercial Entry Doors

Tritch Door and Window uses the following Commercial Entry Doors:

Capital Aluminum & Glass Corp.

Capitol Aluminum & Glass is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial windows and doors and architectural aluminum products.

They always meet or exceed your performance and aesthetic expectations at a competitive price. Capitol commercial aluminum windows, doors, storefronts, and curtain walls are all custom built to accommodate existing and new construction openings.

250 NS Aluminum Entrance Systems

Capitol series 250 Narrow Stile doors are available for those light commercial applications where foot traffic is minimal, such as offices and stores.

350 MS Aluminum Entrance Systems

Capitol series 350 Medium Stile doors are available for commercial applications with moderate traffic use, such as banks, libraries, and busy offices.

500 WS Aluminum Entrance Systems

Capitol series 500 Wide Stile doors are available for heavy traffic commercial applications, such as schools and public institutions.

4900 FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Entrance Systems

Capitol durable FRP doors absorb broad impact shock, reducing dents, which leads to longer door life. When selecting a Capitol FRP door, choose from standard colors, dark bronze, dark gray, or light gray. Other colors can be special ordered for specific project requirements. The 4900 FRP door system is a great long-lasting pre-finished alternative to hollow metal and wood doors.

4900 LWG Laminated Woodgrain Interior Entrance Systems

Capitol 4900 Laminated Woodgrain Interior doors are manufactured and equipped for applications with moderate traffic use such as offices, banks, libraries, educational, religious, healthcare, retail, and government buildings.

5000 FAP (Flush Aluminum Panel) Entrance Systems

Capitol 5000 Flush Aluminum Panel door leaves are manufactured with a durable foam core and sturdy aluminum frame designed to withstand high traffic conditions. Flush aluminum doors utilize double astragal weather-stripping to resist water and air infiltration.

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