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Tritch Door and Window uses the following Residential Garage Doors:

Haas Door

Quality People. Quality Garage Doors.

Located in Northwest Ohio, we hire quality people driven to produce quality garage doors. We carefully craft locally sourced materials to create products to use in homes and businesses throughout North America and the world.

Select your favorite from eight different product lines in a range of sizes, thicknesses, surface treatments, colors, windows and options. We’d love to build a garage door that fits your vision, performance requirements and your budget.

Haas Door Company has been manufacturing top quality garage doors in Northwest Ohio since 1954. We are locally owned, and our products exhibit unsurpassed quality and workmanship. When you employ quality people, and they utilize quality manufacturing processes, you produce quality products. We call ourselves “The Haas Door Family” and that’s the way we operate.

We manufacture doors crafted of aluminum or steel, featuring a wide range of R-values. Our doors keep noise, weather and intruders out of your home or business. We even offer certified wind load options up to 200 mph.

Environmental Responsibility

Haas Door Company manufactures all our garage doors in the U.S. and is committed to providing quality products that are safe for our customers and friendly to our environment. Haas doors are made from steel that contains 80% recycled material. A rigid vinyl thermal break, made with recycled materials, separates each door section to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and the transfer of temperature.

Haas Door uses CFC-free polyurethane insulation to craft some of most energy-efficient doors on the market.

We have an ongoing process to gain efficiency and reduce waste, including a recycling program for scrap metal, cardboard and plastic. Raw material packaging is reused or recycled whenever possible. And we carefully select suppliers that are regional to minimize fuel consumption and cost.

Commitment to Quality

Haas Door is committed to industry standards for quality and safety through our membership in the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).

Every raw material used in our doors is inspected daily for quality. Steel is checked for thickness and finish. The high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam is tested continuously on each production line to insure the correct density, blend of material and cure time result in the specified calculated R-Value.

Samples of manufactured doors are tested for quality and durability. Doors are opened and closed thousands of times to test the performance and endurance of the sections, hinges, springs, cables, rollers, bottom seals and track. Strength is measured using two separate tests. Individual sections are subjected to a dead load test and complete doors are wind load tested.

We perform real-world tests of current doors and prototype doors in various locations around the country. These are monitored for durability and performance. Independent laboratories test specific components to ensure that quality standards are met.

The Haas Door Difference

Polyurethane Foam Construction

The polyurethane foam in a Haas door section is fully enclosed inside the steel skins and is protected from losing its R-Value. This design puts the insulation properties of polyurethane foam way ahead of polystyrene foam for performance and value.

Polyurethane foam is a two-part system. It begins with two chemical blends that, when mixed together, expand and cure to fill the garage door panel. During the expansion, the foam completely fills the inside of the panel and becomes fully adhered to the steel skins of the door. This forms a composite structure that is of exceptional strength and rigidity. Polyurethane foams are very stable when fully enclosed inside a door section.

Polyurethane foams are used as insulation in garage door panels, roof insulation on commercial buildings, wall insulation in newer high efficiency homes, office chairs, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, furniture and in automobiles for dashboards, armrests, suspension bushings and other components.

Polystyrene Foam Construction

Polystyrene foam board is used as insulation in garage door panels, in homes as a vapor barrier and as a packing material. This rigid foam board must be attached to or inserted into the door section. Polystyrene board is used on 2400, 2500 and Ribbed Steel models.

ClopayClopay® is North America's leading residential garage door manufacturer and a preferred supplier of commercial overhead sectional garage doors and coiling steel doors. Clopay offers a broad assortment of beautiful, energy efficient residential garage doors to fit your home style and your budget.

Residential garage doors from Clopay® offer you a world of choices in both function and fashion.

You can choose a style that will enhance the beauty of your home and instantly upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Clopay® has authentic carriage house style garage doors, real and faux wood styles and a wide selection of steel and composite garage doors with both raised and flush panel and contemporary glass and aluminum options. You can add natural light with your choice of windows, ranging from plain and decorative glass to beautifully designed inserts. And our doors are designed with your convenience in mind: most of Clopay’s decorative window inserts can be removed for easy cleaning.

You‘ll find wonderful personalization options for your Clopay® garage door. You can choose from an extensive selection of door designs that include features like deep embossed panels, coped edges, designer hardware and a wide variety of colors, stains and finishes. It’s fun to put together just the door you want to transform the look of your home. And Clopay® is the only manufacturer that offers entry doors to complement your garage door, so you can improve your curb appeal all along the front of your home.

In addition to being beautiful, Clopay® garage doors are extremely durable.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Our steel doors are engineered and constructed to last for years with minimal maintenance. They feature sturdy tracks, rollers and hinges, tough layered coatings to prevent rust and patented Safe-T-Brackets. With long-lasting hardware and strong, durable springs, you can expect years of enjoyment from your new garage door. We are happy to help you make your choice and explain the features and design elements of all our garage doors.

Clopay® doors are also energy efficient.

This is a real benefit when you think that your garage door is the largest opening in your home. Offering two types of door insulation, Intellicore® polyurethane and polystyrene as well as a range of insulated glass, Clopay® garage doors can help lower your heating and cooling costs, and improve the comfort of your home. Your local Clopay® dealer can help you choose the type of door that’s best for your climate and your insulation needs.

With all Clopay® garage doors, you get the added protection of the Good Housekeeping Seal®. Within two years of purchase, if your door is found to be defective, Good Housekeeping will repair, refund or replace it. Fall in love with your home all over again with a garage door from Clopay®.

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